Montérégie: drunk at the wheel, a suspected car thief causes several accidents

Montérégie: soûl au volant, un présumé voleur de voiture cause plusieurs accidents

SAINT-ZOTIQUE | A suspected car thief in a state of intoxication has caused several accidents Wednesday afternoon in the Montérégie region while attempting to escape the police.

The journey of the suspect, a Montrealer of 27 years, began when he was spotted by patrolmen from the Sûreté du Québec on the rise of the County in the Hillsides, while he was at the wheel of a car reported stolen the day before in the Toronto area, said sergeant Claude Denis, spokesman for the Sûreté du Québec.

The hit and attempted to evade police by retreating into a autopatrouille, before fleeing in the direction of Saint-Zotique, via highway 338 and highway 20. On his way, he crashed into other vehicles on two occasions, but these accidents have fortunately been no injuries.

The police finally found the trace of the fugitive in a driveway of a residence located on 69th Avenue, Saint-Zotique. Again, the Montrealers attempted to evade the officers. His attempt, however, resulted in a violent collision a few meters away with the car of a civilian, in the vicinity of the access ramp for highway 20.

The suspect suffered injuries that do not put his life in danger, but that required her transport to the hospital. The citizen involved in spite of himself in the fourth collision, for his part, suffered minor injuries, said sergeant Denis.

An investigation was opened to establish all the circumstances surrounding this event. The fugitive may, however, expect to face a variety of charges, including for theft, assault with a weapon, fleeing and driving while impaired by alcohol.

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