Montpellier beaten by Tours, there are no more Hérault residents in the play-off of the French volleyball championships

Montpellier beaten by Tours, there are no more Hérault residents in the play-off of the French volleyball championships

Beaten in the first two legs in Tours, the Montpellier team gave in a third and final time on their home court on Saturday evening. Giacomo Italiano

In match 3 of the Men's League A, Montpellier, which had already lost the first two matches in Tours, gave in on its floor this Saturday evening, April 6, in the tie-break. Like Béziers the day before in Ligue A Féminine, MHSC VB came out in the quarter-finals of the play-offs.

That's it, it's finished. The MHSC VB exploded in mid-flight. Saturday evening, after an unbearable tie-break, the Tourangeaux exulted by winning the third match of the series and thus winning their ticket for the semi-finals of League A.  
However, the evening of the relaunch had started well for Ezequiel Palacios, finally starting captain, and his family. The locals dominated the start (10-6 then 16-12) even if Tours remained dangerous when the Montpellier team slowed down (17-17). In a tight and tense end to the round, Nicolas Le Goff and his partners, visibly lacking in confidence, ended up forcing the opponent's lock (26-24). 

A tie-break finale

They could have taken advantage of this favorable scenario to drive the point home but the opposite was happening. Tours won a second one-sided round by playing their well-oiled game against the Hérault residents who were overwhelmed, apathetic and even worrying (14-25). 
To create an electric shock, Loic Le Marrec left the young Argentinian sharp German Gomez, who appeared at the end of the second set, on the field. The effect was immediate, the MHSC VB regained color (7-3). The public finally gave their voice and the South American launched a superb attack in the middle (12-8). The end of the suspenseful set saw Montpellier offer two set points and the German Moritz Reichert converted the second (25-23). 
The improvement was short-lived as the TVB accelerated again and the outclassed Montpellier residents found themselves chasing the score (7-12). Completely adrift, they were embroiled in an indecisive tie-break which would decide the rest of their season.  The rest and the end therefore since despite a match point, the MHSC VB missed its chance to restart. The party is over.

Technical sheet

Castelnau-le-Lez Sports Palace.
Referees: Ms. Malagoli and Mr. Rejaeyan. 
Details of sets: 26-24 (35’), 14-25 (25’), 25-23 (32’), 15-25 (26’), 14-16 (24’) rsquo;) .
Montpellier: 65 winning attacks, 4 aces, 8 blocks, 33 fouls. Reichert (18 points), Corre (2), Seddik (7), Palacios (21), Le Goff (7), Dimitrov (8) then Spano, Gomez (12), Tizi-Oualou (1). Libero: Ruiz Posadas then Quiot. Ent. : Loic Le Marrec. 

Turns: 60 winning attacks, 7 aces, 13 blocks, 17 fouls. Nascimento (10), Mendez (9), Drame Neto (26), Tammerau (13), Coric (7), Parkinson (13) then Faganas (1). Libero: Ramon. Ent. : Marcelo Fronckowiak. 

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