Montpellier: the MHSC signs a partnership with the company Swile

Montpellier: the MHSC signs a partnership with the company Swile

Laurent Nicollin, président du MHSC (g.) et Loïc Soubeyrand, dirigeant de Swile (d.). DR – DR

The Montpellier scale-up Swile, specializing in salary benefits, signs a partnership with the MHSC club for the next three seasons. The latter will notably allow it to display its logo on the front of the players' jerseys.

The only Montpellier unicorn, Swile, announces that it will become the "main partner" of the MHSC. This agreement, which lasts three seasons, will allow the company to display its logo on the front of the jerseys worn by the players. It will also allow the company to organize "exclusive events" intended for its subscribers and collaborators. The company cites in particular wanting to offer them " rub shoulders with professional players, share strong emotions during matches".

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Montpellier scale-up with a workforce approaching a thousand employees, Swile is best known for its magnetic card allowing employees of subscribing structures to manage benefits such as meal vouchers or vacation vouchers. With this partnership, the company is building bridges with the sports community. Laurent Nicollin, president of the MHSC, ensures that the Montpellier club "is very happy that Swile and his teams are joining the big MHSC family in the year of our 50 years& ;quot;.

A partnership of three seasons

Swile, which signed a financial agreement in 2022 with the banking group BPCE (Banque Populaire-Caisse d’Épargne), thus became a shareholder in the company Bimpli, which also specializes in employee benefits. The company signed with the Carrefour group in 2021, to provide its card to the group's many employees. Swile today has 5.5 million users for 85,000 customers.

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Loïc Soubeyrand, founder and director of Swile, ensures that this partnership with the sports club is "natural" for society, because "the MHSC upholds values ​​such as solidarity, commitment, respect, loyalty and family spirit. So many strong dimensions that have an impact on the ground as well as in the daily lives of businesses.

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