Montreal: a program dedicated to the cooking plant at the ITHQ

Montréal: un programme dédié à la cuisine végétale à l'ITHQ

MONTREAL – A new program entirely dedicated to the power plant will be offered starting in the fall at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ) to meet the growing demand of the students and of the population.

Julie Faucher, a professor at the ITHQ, involved in the development of the program, Power plant, explained that the “very great demand” is at the origin of this novelty.

“For the past five or six years, right from day one, students say to profs kitchen that they do not want to taste or cook the meat because they are vegetarian or vegan”, she said

Ms. Faucher, herself a vegan, has pointed out that this type of discourse was not widespread there are a couple of years.

The application is also present in the population, especially among young people. “Game input, even at the time of booking, the restaurants are questioned by a client on four or five if we can accommodate them with a plate of vegetarian or vegan”, she mentioned.

Advanced course

The training, which will span two sessions, is not designed for the curious of the kitchen plant. “It is a program that will address people from the industry. It takes already a big base in the kitchen to register for this course here. This is an advanced course”, said Ms. Faucher.

Chefs and cooks will learn to develop menus, vegan complete, that will be nutritionally balanced and respectful of the environment. The program has also been developed under three axes, or the authenticity, eco-responsibility and innovation.

“The advantage of having a tender plant, worked on and creative, it is certainly a very nice challenge for those who are going to register,” said Ms. Faucher with enthusiasm.

Due to the pandemic, the courses will be delivered face-to-face and distance learning. Registration will be open from the 1st of August.

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