Montreal Canadiens: “A good pat on the back” – Rafael Harvey-Pinard

Montréal Canadian: «A good pat on the back” –Rafaël Harvey-Pinard


Rafaël Harvey-Pinard has enjoyed great success since his recall. On Tuesday, Martin St-Louis rewarded him by making him evolve on the first line, starting in the second period.

“It's a beautiful message, a beautiful opportunity. It gives a good pat on the back. It encourages me to keep working hard like this. »

– Rafaël Harvey-Pinard

Many people were surprised to see the complicity that Harvey-Pinard and Nick Suzuki quickly developed. That was not the case with the captain.

“Not many people remember this, but we went to rookie camp together with the Golden Knights. We developed affinities there. He's a guy who plays hard. I always know where he will be on the ice. »

– Nick Suzuki

That's not all the days we see an energy player or freshly recalled from the minors take their place on the first line. 

“The chances are not given. They are deserved. I had a good feeling putting him on the top line. When I became a coach, I was told that sometimes you have to follow your instincts. That's what I did. »

– Martin St-Louis

The Canadian fought well. Unfortunately, he entered his eight-day break with a four-game losing streak (0-3-1).

“We fought until the end . We constantly come back from behind. I'm proud of us. But it’s still a hard defeat to swallow. »

– Arber Xhekaj