Montreal cosmetic surgeon is struck off five years

A cosmetic surgeon from Montreal is radiated five years

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A Montreal cosmetic surgeon, who shows no remorse and continues to claim his innocence despite the gravity of his actions, has been struck off for a period of five years for acts of a sexual nature on a patient. & nbsp;

“In the circumstances of the present case, the Council considers that it has no other alternative than to impose on Dr Chagnon a period of temporary radiation of a significant duration”, indicated the Disciplinary Council of the College of Physicians. of Quebec in a decision rendered earlier this month. & nbsp;

 A cosmetic surgeon from Montreal is struck off for five years

Photo taken from The plastic surgeon Michel Chagnon, 62, has been struck off for five years for touching on a patient.

Michel Chagnon, 62, was found guilty before the Council last June of having notably exhibited his genitals in front of a patient, in addition to having positioned himself in such a way as to make him feel his erection while she had to stand virtually naked in front of a mirror during appointments in 2014 and 2015.

This patient's identity is protected by a publication ban.

“The Council is in the presence at the same time of abusive remarks of a sexual nature, of abusive acts of a sexual nature and of multiple sexual touching”, one can read in the document of court. & Nbsp;

< strong> No remorse or empathy

However, despite a recording taken without his knowledge by the patient in which he admits to being sorry, he is a man “without any real remorse” and who does not 'showed “no empathy” who came to court, said the Council. & nbsp;

The sixty-year-old would also have tried to portray the victim as a person “disturbed, manipulative and very sexual” during the hearing on guilt. & Nbsp;

Because according to the version he maintained in court and whom the Council considered “not very credible”, the victim would have jumped on his neck to kiss him.

“Dr. Chagnon is solely focused on the effects this case will have on himself, his family and his career. Therefore, for the members of the Council, [he] does not demonstrate that he took the full measure of the seriousness of his behavior, ”continues the decision.

In addition, the victim's vulnerability at the time of the facts as well as the “crescendo” of the touches are “very serious” and “shame” the profession, considers the Council. & nbsp;

Planned and premeditated & nbsp ;

“Abusive sexual comments as well as abusive acts of a sexual nature are not accidental and are even planned and premeditated”, we note.

Thus, for the purpose of dissuasion, the three members of the Council decided to impose a temporary delisting of five years, as well as a fine of $ 2,500. & Nbsp;

During the procedures, the surgeon has indicated that beyond one or two years of radiation, he would put an end to his practice definitively, since he no longer sees himself rebuilding a clientele after all this time. & nbsp;

“The Council reiterates that the misconduct exual is a behavior that society no longer tolerates, ”he insisted in the written decision. & nbsp;

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