Montreal dropped to his tower Facebook

Montréal largue à son tour Facebook

MONTREAL – The City of Montreal, in its turn, decided to stop buying advertising on Facebook to denounce the lack of moderation of content that are racist and discriminatory and published on the social network.

“Consistent with the values of equality and inclusiveness it preaches, Montréal adheres to the movement “stophateforprofit”. Stop the spread of misinformation and hate speech online is a collective duty,” confirmed the spokesperson of the City Melanie Won, by e-mail.

Montreal thus joins several companies, institutions and other cities, including Laval and in Québec, that have also decided to suspend their purchases of advertising in July. The City will continue to post messages on Facebook, but without paying to promote it.

“In the context of a state of emergency, the City reserves the right, however, to use the advertising content for a few exceptions as it deems essential”, however stated the spokesperson.

Initiated in the United States, the movement “stophateforprofit” now includes several leading companies, such as Adidas or Coca-Cola, in the wake of the protests that have rocked America in recent weeks. The initiators of the movement are demanding that Facebook should do more to moderate the content that are racist and discriminatory, or to fight against the proliferation of conspiracy theories published on its platform.

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