Montreal gets involved in the playoff race

Montréal gets involved in the playoff race


Second place in the Eastern Conference standings is now assured for CF Montreal, thanks to 3 2 and 1 0 wins over the Chicago Fire and the New England Revolution over the past week.

Moreover, the team's successes have, by the way, put a damper on other teams' hopes of qualifying for the playoffs. This is the case, in particular, of Toronto FC, defeated by the Montrealers at the beginning of September, and of the Revolution, also defeated in the middle of August. These are two historic opponents who have come up against CF Montreal this season.

We must not forget the Columbus Crew, which won the MLS Cup in 2020, which is at the height of the fight in the playoffs and who drew in Montreal after receiving a red card.

In short, the standings in the East are very different this season with teams like Orlando City SC, FC Cincinnati and Inter Miami, all of which could qualify for the playoffs. And that's good news since historically, CF Montreal has always had difficulty against Revolution and Toronto FC.

Thus, second place in the East is assured, but first is still not impossible, difficult certainly, because of the four points behind the Union of Philadelphia, with two games to play.

CF Montreal will have to continue their good performances and get all these opportunities towards the goal. The club have great confidence in him and you can see that the players are all eager to attack and score. However, there are still a few small defensive adjustments to be made, even if the Revolution did not find the back of the net in last Saturday's game.

The break< /p>

We are currently in a two-week hiatus period due to activities on the international stage. 

It is unclear how the team will react when they return to action. Some players will evolve in the national team while others will recharge their batteries, to return to full strength. But it's a shame, because CF Montreal had a good momentum.

The excitement will be at its height after these two weeks, because everyone is eager to see the end of the season and the playoffs . 

The enthusiasm of the team is at its peak, whether in the offices, at the Academy or among the spectators. It's a feeling you want to have often and right up to the MLS Cup.

Flowers for Waterman

Joel Waterman has been invited with the Canadian national team and he deserves his place. He is a player who grew up with CF Montreal and of whom we did not expect much. But he shows everyone that he has improved a lot. He seems like an honest guy and everyone is happy about his success.

The timing is superb for him. He is one of those who greatly contribute to the success of CF Montreal. He has become a more consistent player and is playing a lot of minutes. He deserves to be recognized, even if it will be difficult to join an already qualified team.

Waterman's story is a great one. He started from a lower league and showed his skills. He has a good physical profile for a defender. He's not spectacular, but he's starting to understand defensive positioning well, in addition to being quick for his size and smart, and defending well one-on-one. He is improving in attack and he has confidence with the ball. 

It is not a finished product, but he is starting to be one of those who are clearly starters at CF Montreal.

Montréal gets involved in the playoff race< /p>