Montreal hotels: be a tourist in his own city

Hôtels de Montréal: être touriste dans sa propre ville

MONTREAL | The Montreal may be more numerous this summer in wanting to play at being tourists in their own city: a few luxury hotels have remained open during the crisis, and even offer discounted prices.

The hotel Le Germain is part of the institutions that have never closed their doors in recent months and offers attractive prices for its rooms.

“It starts at $ 199 a night. It has maintained the rates for the low season, from the month of march. Usually at this time of year, our prices would have been about$ 300 a night,” explains Jacques-Alexandre Paquet, CEO of the property located on Mansfield street, in the city centre.

As of June 9, 2020, on the websites of booking of hotels, prices vary between $ 200 and $ 300 per night. For example, at the Le Crystal hotel Montreal, it can be noted the price of $ 297 / night for a “loft suite”. At the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, for a basic room, the price is 299 $ / night.

Eve Paré, president and CEO of the hotel Association of Greater Montréal, ensures that there will be no price increase to predict the course of the summer, but specifies that even when the rooms will not be data.

“I do not expect to see a surge in price, but not bargain basement either. The room price is not lowest, but we are doing more things to enhance the stay of the customer, such as offering parking, a free cocktail… We want that the customer has more for his money. We want to add value to the experience”, she says.

Sanitary measures

Considered as essential services, the hotels that wanted to were able to remain open throughout the pandemic, of course with appropriate health measures.

“Some services have been changed: to the reception office, there is a pane of plexiglass, it has been put bottles of disinfectant everywhere. We comply with social distancing. In the rooms, there were also a few changes such as removing some elements to facilitate disinfection,” says Mr Package at hotel Le Germain.

Also note that pending the re-opening of the restaurant-bar, Le Germain is still in the service to the rooms.

Eve Paré states that hotels are used to put in place processes and strict cleaning.

“We now ask that person not to have contact with the client the time of his arrival until his departure. The cleaning is made only at the end of the stay. Once the client is gone, it takes at least 24 hours the room of the side, before it can be relet. What are the procedures are very strict,” says the CEO of the hotel Association of Greater Montreal.

The regions versus Montreal

The hotels are obviously very little frequented at this time: in Montreal, it is estimated the occupancy rate to 3.6%, whereas it is usually 70% at this time of the year, said Ms. Paré.

Statistics from customers show that hotels in the greater metropolitan area will suffer a lot more than the absence of international tourism to those regions.

“In normal times, 80% of tourists residing in the hotels of Montreal are from outside of Quebec. In the region, generally, 80% of the tourists come from Quebec and about 20% are from outside. In Montreal, fingers crossed for the tourism intra Quebec,” concludes Eve Paré.

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