Montreal Pride: Rita Baga to host “Drag Superstars”

Montréal pride: Rita Baga hosting «Drag Superstars»


Rita Baga will be at the helm of the 'Drag Superstars' show, which will take place at the Esplanade of Montreal's Olympic Park early next month. 

The imposing drag show – one of the biggest of its kind in the country – organized as part of the Montreal Pride festival will highlight a plethora of artists from Canada, the United States, France and the Kingdom -United.

In all, they will be close to a dozen to come from Montreal and Toronto as well as a dozen from abroad. Most of the international guests are ex-participants of the franchises of “RuPaul's Drag Race” and “Queen of the Universe”, among others, Nicky Doll, La Big Bertha, Lawrence Chaney, Tayce, Ada Vox and Jasmine Kennedie .

Drag king Hercusleaze and drag queens Kiara, Manny, Petula and Suki Doll will represent Montreal.

After programming the Montreal Pride festival for 7 years, Rita Baga is happy to find the programming team. “I selected high-calibre artists from here and elsewhere, to concoct an extravagant evening, but also the largest free drag show in the country bringing together international “stars”, she indicated in a press release.

The “Drag Superstars” show will take place on Thursday, August 4 at 8 p.m. on the TD Stage at the Esplanade of the Olympic Park.

Rita Baga is currently on tour for “Créature”, his first large-scale “one drag show”. She will be at the helm of the show “Drag Race Belgique” and “La Drag en Moi”, broadcast on Crave, from August 7.