Montreal public health tightens protocols to prevent the spread of Omicron

The public health of Montreal has tightened its protocols to prevent the spread of Omicron

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The regional public health directorate of Montreal (DRSP) is concerned about the Omicron variant and plans to tighten its protocols to deal with it.

“At this point, very little is known about the epidemiological characteristics of the Omicron variant, its transmissibility, and to what extent it will create severe forms of the disease. In a context like that, the angle to adopt is caution, ”explained Dr. Mylène Drouin, regional director of public health in Montreal.

She also admitted that a first case, linked to a traveler, had been detected in Montreal, adding however that the protocols put in place should prevent contagion. “He's an asymptomatic and doubly vaccinated person. There is a very strict isolation that is put in place “, underlined Dr. Drouin.

The DRSP will apply a” differentiated approach “depending on the variant, and all the protocols put in place in the spring will be reactivated .

“With the suspected cases of Omicron, we're going to be on a very suppressive approach. Contacts, even doubly vaccinated, will be isolated. We will have a very close follow-up to avoid that there are additional cases and community transmission ”, she popularized.

Dr. Drouin explained that the best strategy for the moment is to reduce imports of cases as much as possible, and in this regard it welcomes the initiative of the federal government, which has tightened its borders and imposed new rules on foreigners in order to limit the entry of the variant into the country.

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