Montreal: save money with our trees

Montréal: Faire des économies grâce à nos arbres

MONTREAL – Several trees in montreal are now equipped with a small descriptive card, in order to raise the awareness of the citizens on their longevity, but also to underline their important economic contribution over time: a tree is saved, alone, 13 135,05$.

“These posters aim to identify the main ecosystem services provided by urban trees and their economic value,” said the publicist to the City of Montreal Linda Boutin.

In addition to the indications regarding the energy savings, the reduction of electricity and the savings in dollar, a landmark of Montreal is attached to the year of the planting of the tree.

The oldest tree found by the team of the 24 Hours, located in the parc La Fontaine le Plateau-Mont-Royal, has more than 108 years.

According to his record, the tree was not only “here in the time of tramways”, but it has allowed the Quebecers to save more than 13 135,05$.

“This tree has seen the 1976 olympic Games. This tree has experienced the storm of the century in 1971. This tree has seen pass 10 Stanley cups”, are a few other examples found in the parks.

Even young trees have their own reference custom: “This tree will purify the air of your grandchildren.”

The City of Montreal has started to hang these flyers around the city in recent weeks.

Already, it can be found in the boroughs of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, and the Plateau-Mont-Royal.

The return of this initiative, which was launched in 2018, in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation, has taken by surprise the latter: “I do not understand why suddenly these panels are to be repeated. The message remains relevant”, has launched Diego Creimer, responsible to the communications of the David Suzuki Foundation.

The City anticipates installing 300 mature trees and 1600 on new trees, for a total of a hundred by district, according to Ms. Boutin.

These data are available through a calculation developed by the firm Eco2Urb, which includes several established researchers in the field.

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