Montreal: the EIB’s investigation into the death of a man during a police intervention

Montréal: le BEI enquête sur la mort d’un homme lors d’une intervention policière

 MONTREAL – The Office of the independent surveys (EIB) will investigate the death of a man of 51 years old during a police intervention Saturday night in the borough of Ville-Marie, Montreal.

According to preliminary information, a call to 911 at around 22: 40 hrs did state a family situation of conflict in a hotel, said Sunday a press release from the EIB.

Arrived on the scene, Ontario street Is near the rue Saint-Timothée, the police officers who reportedly saw a man fleeing were engaged in a foot pursuit to apprehend him.

The members of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) would have arrested the individual who threw a bag on the floor claiming that he was armed.

Cayenne pepper would have been used to restrain the man in his fifties before the handcuffing, a-t-is added.

It is at this time that the officers found that the man was unconscious.

He was transported to the hospital where his death was recorded.

To unravel the skein in this case, the EIB has mobilised six investigators to the scene.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) which acts as the body of police support in this investigation has dispatched a technician in the forensic identification to support the investigators of the EIB.

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