Montreal: the number of fatal overdoses jumped in July

Montréal: le nombre de surdoses mortelles bondit en juillet

MONTREAL – because of the heat, but possibly also of the pandemic, the number of fatal overdoses of drugs has hit a sad record in July in Montreal.

According to the review published on Friday by the Montreal public health, 23 people have lost their lives in the metropolis after a possible poisoning caused by illicit substances.

Nearly half of the fatal overdoses allegedly occurred between the 20th and the 28th of July.

“This is the highest number of deaths in a month since the watchtower of the overdoses introduced in 2014,” said the public health in a press release Friday.

In short, the situation in the streets of Montreal is even more critical that in the summer of 2017, when the authorities were wary because of the arrival of the fentanyl.

This opioid, 100 times more potent than morphine, is often hidden in the heroine, but also in other drugs, which is cost-effective for resellers. For consumers, this may, however, be fatal, as they do not know the power of what they inject or ingest.

During the month of July, the fentanyl would only be at the origin of an overdose and fatal, even if one has noticed her presence a few times lately.

Other opioids may have caused the death of four consumers, has added to the public health.

More stimulants

It also indicates that the people who died during the month of July are mostly men, who were found dead in their home.

Most would have taken stimulants (crack, cocaine, and amphetamines) prior to their deaths, and not the heroine.

“The risk of death by overdose of stimulants are increased in condition of high ambient temperature”, a-t-on explained.

For what is in the current month, there were six deaths between 3 and 11 August, half of whom were under 30 years of age.

In the past weeks, the closure of the borders had also been advanced by several organizations, who expected an increase of poisoning.

In effect, as the drug can be more difficult to travel in the current context, it is expected that narcotics are more cut with dangerous materials which can cause poisoning.

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