Montreal will require the wearing of the mask in enclosed public places

Montréal obligera le port du masque dans les lieux publics fermés

Elsa Iskander

Wearing a mask will be mandatory in Montreal in enclosed public places from July 27.

This includes the shops, the facilities of the city like the arenas, or libraries, restaurants, and bars.

It is likely the new outbreaks of COVID-19, including one which would have possibly started in a club of Brossard, which prompted the mayor to announce on Monday that the obligaton of wearing a mask in places closed to occur by the end of the month. “When we see what is happening in the news, when you can see what is happening in the United States, there’s no question we’re living the same thing in Montreal,” said Valerie Plant in an interview with TVA News on Monday.

The mayor mentioned that the city council was working on the rules since a good time already. It should be applied from the 27 of July.

Owners of businesses and even citizens who refuse to wear the mask could receive fines, ” said the mayor, even if the mechanisms for enforcement remain to be clarified, and that a grace period will be applied.

Questioned as to why she would not be moving forward more quickly, the mayor responded that the process was “all in all a very administrative”. “It is necessary that it passes twice read to the city council. It is a little snoring as a reason, but [these procedures are] necessary for it to become a law,” she said, always to the antenna of VAT.

“It is in our eyes a way of helping the merchants to meet more easily the rules with their customers and target a minority of institutions offenders. It is a pan full of our economy, as well as the health and the pay of thousands of workers, which is in the game”, had written the mayor in the afternoon, in a publication on Facebook.


This announcement comes a week after the government Legault has said that wearing a mask would be mandatory in public transport from July 13, (but its absence is tolerated until 27 July).

Earlier Monday, the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé, and the national director of public health Horacio Arruda, moreover, had warned the bar owners that they should enforce the rules, otherwise they would face sanctions, and possibly at a reconfinement.

In Quebec, only the municipality of Côte-Saint-Luc, located on the island of Montreal, adopted a regulation to force the port of the mask on its territory. It entered into force on 1 July.

Late decision

The leader of the opposition party All Montreal Lionel Perez has criticised the volte-face from the mayor, which was not for the mandatory wearing of the mask initially. It is the right decision, but taken with a two-month delay, ” said Mr. Perez, noting that his own political formation had called for such a measure last may to the city Council.

“This is a decision that should have been taken with the déconfinement, as we had proposed precisely to avoid a second wave. It has been seen that there was unfortunately a release. It was predictable”, has sighed Mr. Perez. According to him, the municipal administration should act more quickly, rather than waiting until 27 July.

Social networks

On social networks, several have hailed the announcement of the mayor, with some requiring a faster implementation, or that other cities imitate Montreal.

“Excellent. I think we should move the date, maybe for Friday 10 July. The virus does not take a vacation!”, has launched an internet user.

“Thank you, mrs. Plant to have opened the ball, and I hope that all other city of Quebec will like you. I also hope that you will be severe to those who do not comply with the rule, both the customers and businesses”, applauded a woman.

The measure, however, is not unanimous. “Very bad news for the traders… they were just starting to breathe and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many are against wearing a mask and cease to go in the shops that the application necessarily,” said another user.

“For people who work with the public a long day, this is really not obvious port of the mask. It is necessary to think that too, the client will still be 15-20 minutes but the employees between 7 and 12 o’clock…”, commented one woman.

Users raise questions as to the definition of a closed place. “The wearing of the mask will it be mandatory in all gyms, and the workout plateaus?”, has questioned a person.

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