Montrealers are welcome… with their masks

Les Montréalais sont les bienvenus... avec leurs masques

Mayors of remote areas in need of construction workers who start their vacation today to give a little air to their economy, but will redouble their ardour on sanitary measures to not develop new outbreaks.

Nobody wants a hangover of post-holiday building in the East-of-Québec.

The mayors are eager to see tourists in montreal but are aware of the risks associated with the many moves between regions, while they have somewhat been spared from COVID-19 until now.

Some make the comparison with the week break, which preceded the start of the pandemic in Quebec, in the month of march.

“There, that is the equivalent of a week break at the power 5. However, it is warned. The last time we had no idea what we hung at the tip of the nose, ” says the mayor of Tadoussac, in Côte-Nord, Charles Breton.


Les Montréalais sont les bienvenus... avec leurs masques

Cathy Poirier
Mayor of Percé

This is why they will spare no efforts to ensure that sanitary measures are followed.

In Percé, in the Gaspé, for example, a brigade health will walk to the village to educate people about the protection measures.

“What would be really unfortunate and sad thing is that something happens and that all should close in the course of the road. Financially, this would be really catastrophic for companies, ” says the mayor, Cathy Poirier.

The goal is not to throw the stone to the tourists from the metropolitan area.

“Both the merchants and officials of campgrounds me point out that this are probably the people the most friendly in terms of wearing a mask,” says the mayor of Rimouski in the Bas-St-Laurent, Marc Parent.

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The president of the Union of municipalities of Quebec, Suzanne Roy, also sees the positive side.

“It is normal that there are concerns, and I would even say that it is healthy. When there are concerns, people take precautions “, she says.

The mayors of the East-of-Québec take advantage of the opportunity to remind people to reserve before showing up, having regard to the high volume expected this year.

Some have reported problems camp wild is illegal, then that campgrounds and hotels are extremely busy.

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