More alcohol and pot are consumed in pandemic

The consumption of alcohol and cannabis in the home has increased in Quebec since the beginning of the pandemic, a situation which will become dramatic if it is not managed quickly, according to an expert.

Contacted by the Journal, Association des brasseurs du Québec (ABQ) is said to have noted a rise in sales in the month of march among its members, and then a stabilization since.

“People drink a lot more at home than before, that’s for sure. The total volume consumed in the province has remained relatively stable, but all that drinking in restaurants or bars is transferred in convenience stores, grocery stores or SAQ, ” says Patrice Léger Bourgoin, general director of the ABQ.

At full speed

Same thing with the merchants Association convenience stores and grocers in Quebec (AMDEQ), which indicates that it has increased its alcohol sales from 10% to 20%. At the quebec Society of Cannabis (SQDC), we are talking about an increase of 10% to 15%, concentrated in the first months of the pandemic.

“We are struggling to meet the growing demand for on-site, in the convenience stores and grocery stores,” says Sandrine Package, one of the owners of the brewery, The Pit, in Donnacona, which abounds in the same direction.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the establishment open since December of 2019 has doubled its number of cruchons of beer (growlers) in circulation. The brewery is working so well now that it has had to obtain a 4th fermenter to move to a production of 1200 litres to 1800 litres per week.

Moreover, a survey of éduc’alcool, conducted by the firm CROP, reports that 18 % of Quebecers are drinking more during the month of march as compared to before the crisis COVID-19. A statistic that has climbed to 21 % during the month of April.

“Dramatic “

For Jean-Sébastien Required, an associate professor of psychoeducation at the University of Montreal, this type of reaction on the part of the population was predictable. He anticipates, however, a myriad of problems.

“It is expected that there will be more people who develop habits of consumption issues and who may need services. Problems of domestic violence are also likely to become more frequent. “

Professor sum’s leaders to address rapidly on this issue that it considers as priority.

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