More Americans died of the coronavirus that during the First world War

Davantage d’Américains morts du coronavirus que durant la Première Guerre mondiale

WASHINGTON | With more than 700 people dead in one day, the United States register now Tuesday, more deaths related to the COVID-19 that of american soldiers fallen during the First world War.

The United States has deplored 740 deaths in 24 hours, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins University at 20: 30 on Tuesday.

The total number of deaths of the COVID-19 registered in the country now exceeds 116 850, which is higher than the number of american soldiers killed during the Great War – about 116 500, according to the department of veterans affairs of the United States.

The balance sheet of the us epidemic was surpassed at the end of April the american soldiers killed in two decades during the conflict in Vietnam, a threshold having a strong symbolic significance as this war remains one of the largest trauma experienced by Americans in the 20th century.

The country, which is the absolute value of the most affected by the pandemic, both in the number of deaths that of cases reported, stores in addition now 2,13 million infections are diagnosed, of which 583 500 people are declared cured.

The United States had been identified by Sunday and Monday, their lowest balance sheets daily since the end of march, with each time approximately 380 deaths in the last 24 hours. But this fall was likely to have been accentuated by the decline in mechanical observed each weekend, based on the data submitted by the local health authorities.

If the country does not exceed more than rarely, since the beginning of the month of June, the bar of 1000 deaths from the virus in 24 hours, it saves around 20 000 new cases each day, a figure stable since weeks.

The first wave of infections is never-ending and not last, the us epidemic has moved to New York and the north-east of the country to a wide band covering the south and west.

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