More babies in the family environment to address the shortage of places

Plus de poupons en milieu familial pour contrer la pénurie de places

While the lack of child care spaces cause of headaches for parents, Québec solidaire proposes a plan to address this shortage by enabling the families to make more babies.

The mp solidarity Christine Labrie press the government Legault act, so that the threat of a strike plane currently about 10 000 childcare services in a family environment.

“One is in front of something major, that will even be a significant hurdle for the economic recovery that everyone wants and that will create a great financial insecurity for families,” said-t it.

And these are mostly women who bear the brunt of this shortage of child care spaces including the double prams for newborn and toddler, which does not date from yesterday, but that is accentuated even more because of the pandemic.

In the majority of families, reports the elected of Sherbrooke, in particular those who have a child under five years of age, it is women who have the lowest salary. “And so it is sure that if someone must stay at home because they have not found a place, families will choose the person with the lowest salary, it’s going to be the woman in general”, she insists.

At the present time, more than 42 000 children are waiting for a place in child care. The shortage is especially great for babies.

To address this problem, the solidarity requested the minister of the Family to allow the daycares to accommodate four children under the age of 18 months instead of two.

“At this moment, there are family environments that have a waiting list, that call every day by parents of infants. They have a free place, but they can’t offer it to an infant, because they already had two. It would allow you to decrease the pressure”, she advocates, in an interview. Ms. Labrie adds that there are fewer applications in the home environment for the older children.

Shortage of teachers

The lack of spaces is due in part to the shortage of educators. Not less than 8,000 subsidized child care in a family environment are not filled for lack of workers in early childhood interested in using the permit.

According to the solidarity, the government must provide a start up grant to offset the costs of buying equipment.

But above all, educators must have working conditions and a competitive remuneration to encourage more young people to choose this path.

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