More beautiful the life : Rudy and Ninon to return permanently ? Aurélie Vaneck is entrusted

Plus belle la vie : Rudy et Ninon de retour de façon définitive ? Aurélie Vaneck se confie

More beautiful the life : Rudy and Ninon to return permanently ? Aurélie Vaneck is entrusted

Back in More beautiful life, Aurélie Vaneck has been caught up by the nostalgia of the Mistral. To such A point that it can already imagine new stories about Ninon, his character, and Rudy (Ambroise Michel).

This is the good news of this end of the year, Ninon is back at the Mistral for a More beautiful life. However, as we can discover currently on the screen, so that the heroine finds herself at the centre of a plot to be very cumbersome and difficult, it is not accompanied by Rudy, his companion, who preferred to stay in their homes in the North.

Rudy’s soon return ?

A surprise for the fans, but also for Aurélie Vaneck, the interpreter of Ninon. Interviewed by Tele-Loisirs on the absence of Ambroise Michel, the actress confessed : “I believe that it is in discussion. I don’t know why I came back alone.

After all, it was then clarified, the couple Rudy/Ninon could bring a bit of freshness to the series and renew the intrigues : “I think it would be interesting to revisit this couple and this family. There are plenty of problems to deal with around thirty-something, couples that are together for a long time, and in particular under the angle of the comedy.

A couple this more often ?

What to understand that Aurélie Vaneck is ready to rest his suitcases on the Mistral permanently ? Not quite. If it is true that the actress has already want to come back in the series “If the story works and that people want to see back There, maybe there will be returns casual“, it no longer wishes to commit on the long term “on a regular basis, it may not be. I don’t know if I would re-would sign for ten years. There, I was happy to do a plot closed, which allowed me to invest heavily.

No matter what, this is already better than nothing. His message is spent, remains to be seen if it will be heard.

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