More bottles produced by Coca-Cola in Montreal

More bottles produced by Coca-Cola in Montreal

Coca-Cola will increase its bottling capacity at its Lachine plant in Montreal, thanks to an investment of $ 5.5 million next year.

“This investment is critical to achieving our mission and will help us expand our manufacturing capabilities in the Greater Montreal area for many years to come,” Todd Parsons, President and CEO of Coke Canada said in a statement.

The money spent will “replace and modify existing assembly line manufacturing capabilities,” the company said.

“The factory will become more efficient, promoting more local production and providing stability for its operations,” she added.

Coke Canada therefore estimates that it will reduce its annual CO2 emissions by 63,000 kg.

Serving Quebec and the Atlantic, the Lachine plant employs 150 people. Domestically, Coke Canada has 5,500 employees.

The multinational produces drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, NESTEA and POWERADE, as well as DASANI water.

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