More French language courses for immigrants

Plus de cours de francisation pour les immigrants

QUEBEC | new arrivals in canada are clueless in the face of the health crisis and, more than ever in need of assistance. VAT News has learned that the government Legault has hired more than a hundred teachers of French language and that it strengthens its support to immigrants in the region.

In one year, Québec has retained the services of 141 new teachers in French language, adding that the immigrants had a great need.

“There were deadlines, and to integrate well in Quebec, it is necessary to have French language skills,” said Natacha Battisti, executive director of the Centre multiethnique de Québec, Wednesday.

Remember that in 2017, the auditor general had described as a real failure francization in Québec.

At this time, only about one-third of the newcomers who did not speak French were language courses. And more than 90 % of them did not meet the threshold of autonomy in language, therefore, could not function on a daily basis in French.

These hires occur thanks to the $ 70 million additional to be announced in 2019 by the former minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette.

He had also presented the deployment of 45 regional offices to encourage newcomers to settle in the four corners of la Belle Province.

To date, 35 centers are already in operation and 105 additional employees were also hired.

Several agents are working with immigrants and offer individualized assistance, such as finding housing or child care facilities.

The immigration consultants are working directly with companies to fill the shortage of labour in the region.

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