More honours for Alexandra Stréliski

Encore des honneurs pour Alexandra Stréliski

She first won a Juno award, Monday, and we presented him with a platinum disc and a ticket to money. Twenty-one months after the release of the album Inscape, the rewards and the accolades continue to rain down on the pianist and neo-classical Alexandra Stréliski.

At the end of the wire, the musician montreal acknowledges the obvious: the success since the publication of Inscape, October 5, 2018, has for a long time and far exceeded his expectations.

Inscape appears in the records since the day 1. It is it amazes me now to see that it continues.”

The popularity of the album is still clearly visible on the web. Wednesday, Inscape was again hoisted to the top of the charts from the iTunes store in Canada. On Spotify, two tracks from the album, earlier and Changing Winds have accumulated more than 39 million and $ 21 million of eavesdropping, respectively.

80 000 copies

Except that this captures the imagination, in 2020, this is the second album by Alexandra Stréliski crossed the milestone of 80 000 copies sold, good for a platinum disc. In a world where music cannot be bought anymore, it is something of a phenomenon.

“That the public buys, this is rare and valuable, and abounds-t-it. I can’t explain it. People buy albums at my shows, they want to sign the offer as a gift. There is something that happens around the object. I think it’s great because I love that you can listen to my album from A to Z. It is a story,” said the 25 000-seater concert passed him worth the ticket money.

Resound to the human

Despite his success and that of Jean-Michel Blais, no other musician in quebec resulting from the current neo-classic, took the wave to reach a large audience.

Alexandra Stréliski does not surprise.

“Quebecers adopt people, I believe they will resonate with Jean-Michel and me as humans. I’m not sure that there’s suddenly a massive interest for the neo-classical. In addition, we took a lot of space, so this may be take some time before a space will not be created.”

Creative containment

One thing is for certain, the pianist does not give up his position anytime soon, especially since his confinement, that she has spent in the netherlands, has been conducive to the composition of new songs for a future album.

Failing to continue a tour that was well launched, and had the lead in the United States, she has found inspiration in the climate of anxiety created by the COVID-19.

“Sometimes, an artist needs all décalisser, including his own life, to create an album. I’m as happy that this time it is the world around and not me who has décalissé,” she said, laughing.

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