More mature, more assumed

Plus mature, plus assumée

Nikki Yanofsky has long sought to project an image immaculate, neat and without fault. But the more today. At the age of 26, the singer of the montréal assumes as it is. And she is ready to unveil himself fully with his new album.

It was beautiful to be young, Nikki Yanofsky has already skilled in the art. Much the same, as evidenced by its impressive roadmap. Since the age of 13, she sang for Disney and the olympic Games, in addition to having shared the stage with legends like Stevie Wonder and Elton John.

In short, she has seen other.

But at the dawn of the release of its latest offering, the young singer admits that she feels a stress more important than usual. Why ? Because Turn Down the Sound marks an important turning point for Nikki Yanofsky, who signs (or co-wrote) 9 of 10 new titles.

“It is very scary. In fact, I’ve never been so nervous before launching an album. But I’ve decided to trust me. I am proud of the result and ready to accept it fully, ” says she, in an interview with The Journal.


To get there, she had help. Among the artists with whom she has collaborated for this album, one name stands out : Rod Temperton. If you are not familiar with, his words, they, the are undoubtedly. The British, lost to cancer in 2016, was signed, among others, the mégahit Thriller, popularized by Michael Jackson. Nothing less.

“It was an incredible man, a great friend. He taught me everything “, breath Nikki Yanofsky.

Over to Turn Down the Sound, so his fans will find a Nikki Yanofsky more complete, more nuanced, and vulnerable. Exit the teenager, who had a watered-down version of his own reality, the young woman she became a dare to explore a darker side of his personality, as his periods of doubt and anxiety. Not that she rejected it at the time. She just wasn’t ready to live at the big day.

“I’ve long had the impression that it was expected that I projected a perfect image, that of a girl who is always happy. Nobody imposed it to me, I thought simply that it was the right thing to do. Yet, I’m like everyone else : I have my ups and my downs. There are several facets to my personality. And I want to show them off, as much to free myself to be more honest and transparent to my fans “, she says.

The american dream

Despite a curriculum vitae particularly impressive for his age, Nikki Yanofsky admits that he’s still full of dreams head. Among these, the idea of a possible collaboration with Mark Ronson the packs especially. Same thing for his hope of a breakthrough in the United States.

“Canada and even several European countries have been very receptive so far. But I would like to see what the rest of America could bring me, ” she said.

In the meantime, the singer will take to the boards of The Astral in Montreal next September, followed by a jump to Toronto next month to finally give life to his new material. All of this, if the instructions for governmental permitting, of course.

“It’s been so long that I’m the only one to know these songs. I look forward to see how they will resonate in people “, she says in a burst of enthusiasm.

The album Turn Down the Sound , is now available.

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