More often than in “Game of Thrones” – these actors died over 30 times, but survived

Чаще, чем в "Игре Престолов" - эти актеры умирали более 30 раз, но остались живы

Danny Trejo

today, 13:06

American actor Danny Trejo, known for roles of villains, was a record for the number of onscreen deaths among Hollywood colleagues.

The portal Buzzbingo found that Trejo “died” during his career 65 times. His characters was blown up, shot, decapitated, pierced with a wooden stake and a spear, choked, dropped from heights, burned.

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In second place was Christopher Lee who died in 2015. For the first time the British actor died on screen in 1948 and continued to die until 2011, reports The Guardian.

The death of characters If attacked by the sword, poison dart, acid, combustion, quartering, freezing, burning, etc.

Чаще, чем в "Игре Престолов" - эти актеры умирали более 30 раз, но остались живы

Christopher Lee

Third place in the number of onscreen deaths got lance Henriksen (the Android Bishop from the franchise “Alien”), died 51 times. Fourth place with 41 cinemart shared by three actors: Vincent Price, Dennis Hopper and Boris Karloff. Next comes the Englishman John hurt, on account of which 39 on-screen deaths. The top ten closes Eric Roberts with 35 deaths.

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