More than 1,000 m3 of construction waste buried on land in Corneilhan, the company manager sentenced to €50,000 fine and prison

More than 1,000 m3 of construction waste buried on land in Corneilhan, the company manager sentenced to €50,000 fine and prison

Les dépôts de déchets de chantiers ne sont plus tolérés, même si c’est sur son propre terrain. Il faut tout déposer dans des centres de traitement spécifiques. Illustration Midi Libre

The Béziers court ordered a Biterroise company and its manager to restore land after having polluted it, in the town of Corneilhan. Several hundred m3 of rubble had been deposited completely illegally. The company has eight months to clean up everything, otherwise heavy fines will be added to its already very severe sentence.

On October 14, 2021, the commune of Corneilhan reported to the local brigade of the national gendarmerie that a contractor specializing in roofing work was regularly burying waste on agricultural plots. All this despite formal notices from the administration. The investigations carried out in particular using a drone flight over the plots of land in question made it possible to estimate the volume of buried waste at more than 1,000 m³. This waste was composed in particular of rubble, tiles and cement, and came from roof renovation work carried out by the Biterroise company. The manager of this company admitted to investigators that he had deposited this waste on the agricultural plots belonging to him.

50 000 € fine for the manager and the company

On June 21, 2024, during the trial held before the Béziers criminal court, the company and its manager were declared guilty by the Béziers criminal court of charges of illegal abandonment of waste , irregular waste management, and operation of an installation classified for unregistered environmental protection. "The company was fined 40,000 € fine and the manager to 4 months suspended imprisonment as well as a fine of 10,000 euros. They were, in addition, ordered to rehabilitate the land within 8 months, subject to a fine of 300 euros respectively. for the company and 100 € for the manager, per day of delay, confirmed the public prosecutor of Béziers, Raphaël Balland.

"I won't give up"

Bertrand Gelly, the mayor of Corneilhan, said to himself: "Sorry it came to this. There was a file, on its practices, initiated by the departmental directorate of territories and the sea (DDTM) since 2019. We had given it formal notice to clean everything up as soon as I arrived at the head of the municipality. He chose the option of burying everything. It’s a shame. He hasn’t understood that just because he’s at home doesn’t mean he can do everything. There are rules. It will cost him a fortune to evacuate and restore everything. I will not give up because I cannot accept the idea that we can condemn agricultural land to die in this way. There I am waiting for everything to be evacuated and the town will be very vigilant."

Inert waste

During the trial, the contractor explained that he did not understand why he could not place inert materials such as tiles or tiles on his land. concrete. "There is nothing polluting since certain materials are used by farmers to backfill access roads and they are not condemned for that."& nbsp;No doubt this entrepreneur had also chosen not to have to pay for the recycling of waste from all of his construction sites in Biterrois. However, there are free channels for certain materials. However, transport to recycling centers also has a cost. No doubt it was easier, when returning home, to leave everything on your property.

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