More than 3 million cases in Latin America and the Caribbean

Plus de 3 millions de cas en Amérique latine et aux Caraïbes

MONTEVIDEO | More than three million cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Latin America and the Caribbean since the beginning of the epidemic, more than half of Brazil-where the virus has killed more than 66,000 people, according to a balance sheet prepared on Tuesday by AFP from official sources.

A total of 3 023 813 cases of contamination and 139 999 deaths to the novel coronavirus have been identified in the region, the current epicentre of the pandemic.

Brazil, 210 million inhabitants, count 1 668 589 case, the second is the most affected country in the world after the United States. Among the infected persons is the president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has downplayed Tuesday the severity of the health crisis in his country.

The president of the extreme right presents mild symptoms and announced that he was receiving treatment with hydroxychloroquine, a drug whose efficacy against the Covid-19 is called into question by the scientific community.

Despite the increase in the number of cases and deaths — which, according to experts, are higher than the official figures — the bars and restaurants of Sao Paulo, the economic capital of Brazil, have reopened to receive guests starting from Monday.

And in Rio de Janeiro, which has also allowed the re-opening, this weekend, the locals have invested in the bars and the beaches.

The coronavirus is also progressing in Mexico, which has so far been state 31 119 deaths — the second highest number of deaths in the region, and 261 750 cases of contamination.

Peru, the country which has eased the quarantine, which extended over 100 days on the whole territory of the country, has recorded 309 278 cases for 10 952 deaths.

Chile, where quarantine measures have been draconian, especially in the capital, has exceeded Tuesday 300, 000 cases for 6 434 deaths. The authorities, however, are considering to ease in the near future the isolation measures.

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