More than 300 farmers mobilized and around a hundred tractors: the A9 blocked since Monday morning in Perthus

More than 300 farmers mobilized and around a hundred tractors: the A9 blocked since Monday morning in Perthus

Les agriculteurs français ont fait la jonction avec les agriculteurs espagnol ce matin au niveau du col du Perthus. Charles Baron/L'indépendant

Venus d’Espagne et de France, ils réclament une révision de la fiscalité agricole, une détaxation sur les énergies du secteur agricole et une aide à l’accès au photovoltaïque sur les bâtiments.

Since Monday, June 3, 10 a.m., traffic has been blocked on the A9 motorway, at the Spanish border of Le Perthus. Some 300 farmers, accompanied by a hundred tractors, are blocking access, as part of an action initiated by the southern Catalan platform Revolta Pagesa, with the aim of continuing their movement until Tuesday morning.

Originally from southern Catalonia, joined in the morning by more than twenty French farmers, the demonstrators have drawn up a list of strong demands, as recalled by our colleagues at La Dépêche : revision of agricultural taxation, tax reduction on energy in the agricultural sector, better food security and aid for access to photovoltaics on buildings.

3 000 farmers mobilized along the Pyrenees

The movement does not only affect the passage of the Col du Perthus on the A9 motorway. It stretches across all access points between France and Spain along the Pyrenees border, from the Basque Country to Roussillon. blockade points were thus set up in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Ariège and the Pyrénées-Orientales.

At the end of the day, Vinci Autoroutes, manager of the A9, reminds us that traffic "remains disrupted on the A9 near the Spanish border, in both directions". The manager has implemented traffic management measures between Leucate and Le Perthus.

"It’it’is still Europe which finances our agriculture"

According to our colleagues at La Dépêche, there were a total of no fewer than 3,000 farmers and a thousand tractors. Questioned this Monday on BFMTV, Véronique Le Floch, president of rural coordination, declared: "L& rsquo;Europe should have protected us". Ensuring that farmers "are prisoners and hostages of this Common Agricultural Policy". Before demanding "fiscal, social, environmental harmonization".

For his part, on France Info, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal reacted this morning to the mobilization of farmers. "I made 65 commitments, which were welcomed by the agricultural unions, these commitments they began to translate", a he explained, recognizing that "complexities have been added by European institutions". &quot ;Europe is still what finances our agriculture today", he finally pointed out.

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