More than 340 000 cases of coronavirus in Peru, not reconfinement expected

Plus de 340 000 cas de coronavirus au Pérou, pas de reconfinement prévu

The bar 340 000 cases of infection with the coronavirus was crossed on Thursday in Peru, where president Martín Vizcarra, however, has ruled out a return to the quarantine lifted at the beginning of July in the andean country.

Second country in Latin America most affected in number of infections Covid-19 after Brazil, Peru is the third State of the region’s most grief-stricken after Brasilia, and Mexico.

According to the latest data of the ministry of Health, the number of cases of contamination was Thursday at 341 586, 3 of 862 new cases were reported in the space of 24 hours, which is the highest increase daily in 21 days.

The number of deaths related to the Covid-19, is now 12-615, with 198 deaths in a day, the highest daily increase in a month. Hospitals have achieved a new record in welcoming 12 396 patients.

Based on “statistics” and “information” received by the government, the head of the State has, however, indicated that this increase in the number of cases would not result in the reinstatement of quarantine measures.

“The quarantine has taught us to be responsible. We all observe the social distancing, we see that there is a civic consciousness, this type of behavior will help you to avoid to consider a new quarantine, ” said Martin Vizcarra at the microphone of radio Americana de Moquegua.

Peru began July 1, a déconfinement part of its territory with the lifting of the quarantine in 18 of the 25 regions and has authorized Wednesday the resumption of air and land transport at the national level.

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