More than 40 people prosecuted for some $240 million in anti-COVID aid fraud

Over 40 people sued for some $240M in COVID aid fraud


Forty-seven people, from the state of Minnesota (northern United States), have been prosecuted for having participated in a massive fraud in an aid plan linked to the COVID-pandemic- 19 totaling $240 million, authorities said on Tuesday. 

'Today's indictments highlight the blatant conspiracy to steal public money intended to support struggling children, in what is the worst fraud scheme uncovered in the context so far. of a pandemic relief plan,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said.

The Department of Justice claims that the defendants misappropriated tens of millions of dollars earmarked for the federal Child Nutrition Program, which was supposed to help children in need during the pandemic.

The founder and executive director of a children's aid organization, Feeding Our Future, is among those charged, as the NGO opened more than 250 child food distribution sites across Minnesota during the pandemic. according to a statement from the ministry.

“These sites claimed to serve meals for thousands of children every day,” the statement added, in effect intentionally inflating its figures by using false children's names.

“The defendants used the proceeds of their fraudulent scheme to buy luxury cars as well as commercial and residential real estate” in several US states, but also abroad, in Kenya and in Turkey, assures the ministry of Justice.

The indictments list a range of offenses prosecuted, including wire fraud of federal funds, bribery and money laundering.