More than 40,000 Christmas cards for our seniors

More than 40,000 Christmas cards for our seniors

The movement of sending Christmas cards to lonely seniors has turned into a tidal wave, with residences receiving thousands and citizens writing hundreds.

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“Today, we received two pockets of letters […] Every hour, it rings, ”says Claire Moreau, director of the Sainte-Thomas-d’Aquin residence in Saint-Hyacinthe, which is inundated with cards and gifts from citizens.

It all started in early December, when the initiative of a Gatineau nurse went viral. Due to the pandemic, visits are prohibited and loneliness is increased tenfold. She therefore photographed the residents of Château Symmes with the address of the center so that they could receive cards.

Residents have since received more than 40,000 cards, including some from across the world, according to QMI.

However, the movement is spreading to many establishments.

Andréanne Labelle, 17, and Chantal Parent, 31, work in a service station in Saint-Lin – Laurentides.

Touched by the idea, they designed and drafted by hand no less than 224 diverse cards. It took them two weeks.

More than 40,000 Christmas cards for our seniors

Photo Martin Alarie

Andréanne Labelle (right) and Chantal Parent (left) made more than 200 Christmas cards for the residents of the CHSLD de Saint-Jérôme.

“I was at the end of the semester, I had exams and 800-word essays to write, but I absolutely wanted to do it. It was too close to my heart, ”says the CEGEP student.

She did a few days of volunteering at the CHSLD de Saint-Jérôme this summer. It is therefore at the reception of this establishment that the card pocket was handed over.

More than 40,000 Christmas cards for our seniors

Courtesy photo

You can see the kitchen table full of cards before they go to carry them.

400 … per resident

They are far from the only ones to have embarked, notes Annie Côté, founder of the Facebook page “RESILIENCE” lash your lights “”, which has more than 300,000 members.

“It takes on proportions that we are not able to measure,” she said. “We have people who send us pictures of cards [qu’ils fabriquent], who tell us “I did this all weekend.”

She believes that, on the one hand, the tragedy of COVID-19 outbreaks in CHSLDs has “traumatized” people. On the other hand, the concept of sending cards is a gesture within everyone’s reach.

At Groupe Sélection, we have noticed an increase in the number of cards received compared to previous years. For example, the Sélection Île-des-Sœurs residence received 250 cards from schoolchildren, illustrious Mylène Dupéré, vice-president of public affairs.

At the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin residence, where the viral concept was reproduced, it was the tsunami.

“We have reached 5000 cards and we have as many gifts,” says Claire Moreau. “That’s over 400 per resident.”


However, care must be taken before sending cards, particularly in CHSLDs, where many residents are cognitively mortgaged, recalls Marc Rochefort, of the Provincial Regrouping of Users’ Committees.

“Managers who tell me: we received 200 Christmas cards and we don’t know what to do with it,” he explains.

Still, for some, these cards aim in the mile, note Mme Moreau. Some residents cry with joy, others exclaim “well let’s see!”, Incredulous at each new surprise.

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