More than 600 dishes, top of the range free of charge to health care workers

Plus de 600 plats haut de gamme gratuits pour les travailleurs de la santé

A conservator of Montréal provided more than 600 dishes, top of the range free of charge to health care workers on Tuesday.

“I’ve had between 3000 and 4000 applications for reservations in the wake of my announcement last Thursday”, explains Jean-François Corriveau, co-owner of the restaurant Griffintown Makro Fisheries, which hosted the event. “People came from everywhere: Saint-Jerome, Laval, Sainte-Justine… I’ve even had clients who did not have a reservation. They pointed to 17 h and there was no table. They waited until 23 h, they have told me that it does not bother,” says the one who also owns the Grinder, and meat Grinder.

On the second day of the reopening of the restaurants in the greater Montreal area, the atmosphere was at the rendezvous, despite the rules of social distancing and the health measures.

“It was quite a nice evening. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was a customer very feminine with a lot of beautiful nurses! For most, it was their first outing at the restaurant since the beginning of the COVID,” says Mr. Corriveau.

“The clients were so happy and grateful that some of them were sending the glasses to the kitchen and madame even offered a bottle of wine to my manager,” he continued.

The health workers have much more appreciated the feast in the gourmet chef Jeremi Marcille.

“People were surprised of the quality of the dishes. Even if the service was a little longer, they were dismayed that while to see that the menu was composed of princess scallops, lobster tail and rib-eye,” he says.

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