More than 72 000 entries for the 10 000 posts of attendants in a CHSLD: a “happy problem” for Quebec

Plus de 72 000 inscriptions pour les 10 000 postes de préposés en CHSLD: un «heureux problème» pour Québec

A victim of its success, Quebec is launched in a race against the clock to select, within two weeks, 10 000 future attendants in CHSLDS among the 72 170 entries received in a little over a day. Before this craze, the candidates might even have to commit to accept employment after their paid training.

It is a “happy problem”, acknowledged the minister of Health, Danielle McCann. “We have more people who have responded to the call that we thought,” she said about the call for applications launched the previous day.

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The three months of training, paid 21$ an hour, is so popular that the government Legault will put an end to registration as soon as Friday. Once the program is completed, the selected candidates will be offered a position at 26$ an hour, if they work full-time.

Caught short in the face of this flood of applications, the minister McCann and his colleague in Education, Jean-François Roberge, had few details Wednesday on the selection of candidates. The successful candidates will need to be aged at least 18 years of age, have completed their secondary 3, which does not have a criminal record and be in good physical shape.

“So, once we have these basic criteria, we may be required to attend an interview to verify, then the motivation and relational skills,” said Mr. Roberge.

How will the “good physical health” of the candidates? “At the start, it is a questionnaire that people will need to fill out, we will have to rely on their good word. After that, well, there will be an interview, and then, after that, well, people will move, and then we’ll see…” offered the minister.

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Important needs

While the idea was ruled out the day before, Quebec is now considering to require that the candidates agree to accept employment following the paid training. “It is certain that it is a selection criterion for the interview, said Mr. Roberge. Is it that there could be, even, a commitment more formal? It is not excluded.”

But, for the moment, Québec is counting on the warranty “moral” that students will continue in the area, ” said Ms. McCann.

The government Legault does not preclude recruit more candidates for the training, but the capacity is currently limited by the number of rooms and teachers available. Moreover, the needs in NURSING homes are larger than 10 000 jobs posted, says the minister of Education.

Exodus to the public?

This paid training, and salary and attractive which is attached there, worried about the Regroupement québécois des résidences (RQRA) for seniors. The association says that the private residences are unable to compete with the offer of Quebec and provides “a major wave of closures” among its members, where the salary of the employees ranges between$ 14 and$ 17 per.

“Several owners of residences for seniors we have reported resignations or protests of employees will be very interested to accept the call of the prime minister,” says the CEO of the RQRA, Yves Desjardins, by way of a press release.

In order to enable its members to remain competitive, the RQRA proposes either to maintain the premium of$ 4 per hour given during the pandemic, is to increase the tax credit for home support, or to revise the calculation of rent in the residences for seniors.

Québec solidaire and the Parti québécois have also expressed their fears of seeing the resources in the private and in home care migrate to the CHSLD. Without fixing a rate schedule, both parties ask to Quebec city to raise the wage of other professionals in order to remain attractive.


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