More than 9,000 registered for the Montpellier Run Festival: this first edition restored the image of the marathon

More than 9,000 registered for the Montpellier Run Festival: this first edition restored the image of the marathon

The arrival of the races made the runners dream. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

More than 9,000 registered for the Montpellier Run Festival: this first edition restored the image of the marathon

A crowd set off from Boulevard Henri IV for the marathon and the half. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Organized for three days around the Place royale du Peyrou, the Montpellier Run Festival offered five race formats including a marathon and a 10 km. The event is positioned as the new big running festival in the city.

When Alexia Van Tol crossed the finish line, at midday this Sunday, under the Arc de Triomphe, she took the lead in her hands and started to cry. She had just won the Montpellier marathon after 3h11’ intense efforts on the 21 kilometer loop taken twice.

But what moved the athlete the most, originally from Metz and now based in Aix-en-Provence with her companion whom she took in her arms, was the final straight. Once past the prefecture, she went up Rue Foch towards the monument, pushing through an impressive crowd gathered on both sides of the road: "The race went well against all expectations, she analyzed after regaining her senses. The arrival is very moving. It was my 25th marathon and I have never experienced a finish like this, I cried. The climb is difficult and people push us, it's magnificent."

More than 9,000 registered including 1000 for the marathon

For Alexia Van Tol and all the other participants in the marathon (1003) and half-marathon (3313), the adventure began at daybreak. The start was given at 8 a.m. on Boulevard Henri IV, along the Jardin des Plantes, where the runners set off downhill. The highlight of a three-day running festival, a first in this format.

With more than 9,000 registered for all five races offered, the Montpellier Run Festival was a success for its first edition. On Saturday, the 5km opened hostilities before Montpellier residents discovered the Ekiden, the marathon for teams of six, which created unprecedented excitement in the streets of the city center.< /p>

The marathon regains credit

Yesterday, the marathon in the Hérault capital restored its image after a 2022 edition which had scared away the specialists who did not appreciate that the official distance was not the right one.

This time, thanks to the concerted work of MA2M, the main athletics club of Montpellier, the City and the Metropolis accompanied by Playground, a company specializing in the organization of this type of event. ;event, the event has regained its credibility: "We have succeeded in setting up a running festival in Montpellier, rejoiced Christian Assaf, vice-president of the Métropole en in charge of sports, after giving the start of the last race on the program, the 10 kilometers. The whole city was in running colors. This first edition makes us forget the twists and turns of the previous marathon. We can plan to exceed 10,000 registrants next year."

In everyone's opinion, the Montpellier Run Festival was well born, the people of Montpellier were there. The organizers have all the cards in hand to sustain the event.

Main results

5km (H): 1. Clément Mialhes 16’04, 2. Mathis Lardet 16’21, 3. Félix Rodrigues 16& rsquo;32, 4. Rafik Djedjig 16’43, 5. Cubells Heribert 16’49.

5km (F) : 1. Julia Ravet 18’54, 2. Manon Lequet 20’57, 3. Julie Mazelier 21’07, 4. Tatiana Lafont 21’22, 5. Fabienne Gil 21’37.

10km (F): 1. Clémence Calvin 34’45, 2. Marion Bonetto 39’50, 3. Virginie Pineau 41’, 4 . Florence Duff 41’04, 5. Maria Guedez 42’27.

10km (H): 1; Adriano Toffoli 32’27, 2. Timothé Maes 33’38, 3. Sacha Palosse 34’59, 4. Enrico Lavagna 35’24, 5. Guillaume Molinier 35’28.

Half marathon (M): 1. Sven Durand 1h09’39, 2. Thibaut Plantin 1h10’27, 3. Stijn Fincioen 1h13’02, 4. Mathias Hennenfent 1h13’32 , 5. Maël Ferron 1h13’46.

Half marathon (F) : 1. Yolanda Moyano 1h32’30, 2. Justine Legleye 1h32’58, 3. Marie-Jeanne Mangold 1h37’27, 4. Laurence Noel 1h37’38, 5. Claire Cornu 1h37’43.

Marathon (M) : 1. Morgan False 2h23’20, 2. Wiliam Arditi 2h35’37, 3. Benoit Valadier 2h38’15, 4. Nicolas Pertsinidis 2h41’57, 5. Mohamed Nassouri 2h43’23.

Marathon (F) : 1. Alexia Van Tol 3h11’23, 2. Françoise Dumas 3h15’10, 3. Virginie Vinatier 3h15’27 , 4. Margot Gache 3h17’24, 5. Corine Baudoin 3h19’37.

Jérôme Durand (president of MA2M): “Next year, we will do even better”

What is your assessment of the first edition of the Montpellier Run Festival?

It’s firstly a success in terms of the number of registered participants since we hoped to surpass the bar 9000 and we have 9250 participants. The second success was interview on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday: the sideé friendly, we really wanted a festive event focused on in Montpellier. Many people came to congratulate us and passed by. a pleasant moment.

You were able to attract many spectators to your races…

Whether it was Saturday or Sunday, I noticed a large concentration of people in the arrival areas. This really stimulated the runners who were encouraged in this last kilometer towards the Arc de Triomphe which is not so easy on a false flat rise. Runners said they were galvanized by the world and the sight of the monument. Finally, there were also quite a few people around the last race, the 10km. Those who finished the marathon and half marathon stay to have a good time.

What can you improve for the second edition next year?

We are going to try to improve the welcome in the Jardin du Peyrou so that it is even friendlier, more fluid. We didn’missé this first edition but for the following ones, we will do even better.

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