More than a hundred aspiring orderlies apply in Trois-Rivières

Plus d'une centaine d'aspirants préposés aux bénéficiaires postulent à Trois-Rivières

The call of the prime minister François Legault to fill 10 000 posts of orderlies at $ 50,000 per year, was heard at Three Rivers, where 110 candidates for accelerated training are already manifest.

Aspiring agents have submitted their application to the professional training service of the Commission scolaire Chemin-du-Roy.

“It was still a good distance to be able to respond to a rather large demand,” said Luc Galvani, director general of the school board.

The centre Bel-Avenir has a plateau of training recreating the working environment of the orderlies. Training express total of 375 hours of instruction, or one-third of the class, and the greatest part directly on the ground in CHLSD.

The students will be paid $ 760 per week and will have a guaranteed job afterwards. They will be taught the health-protection measures, the provision of basic health care and the relations with the beneficiaries.

Sixty students enrolled in the training long-870-hours in August and September will be approached to see if they would prefer to opt for the short program. “We are going to validate it with people that had registered for the training of DEP (diploma of vocational studies), attendant to the beneficiaries in good and due form on the 1st march to raise, to check if they have the interest for short-term training,” said Luke Galvani.

The future orderlies who have completed the training express will have the opportunity, possibly, to complete the program of the long training over the next two years.

The school board will be able to offer the training beginning in mid-June. Fifteen teachers have made themselves available.

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