More than a month without T.J. Watt for the Steelers

One more month without T.J. Watt for the Steelers


The Pittsburgh Steelers placed quarterback fighter T.J. Watt on the disabled list on Thursday. 

The best defensive player in the squad Pennsylvania should thus miss a period of six weeks, he who injured one of his pecs during the first game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Watt and the Steelers still avoided the worst, as an operation hovered over their heads, which would have ended the 2022 campaign of the most outstanding defensive player of the NFL last season.

He earned the title with 22.5 quarterback sacks, equaling a Goodell Tour record. It will therefore be hard for him to preserve his title as this best quarterback fighter of the season in the NFL, having made the greatest number in the last two years. He had also started his title defense well with a sack against Joe Burrow, in addition to intercepting one of his relays.

Winners in their first game, the Steelers are preparing to face the New England Patriots, Sunday.