More than half a billion masks produced in Montreal in two years

Over half a billion masks produced in Montreal in two years


More than 525 million surgical masks and N95 respirators have been produced in Montreal in two years by the Quebec company Medicom. 

“Producing more half a billion N95 masks and respirators in the midst of a pandemic is a Herculean effort,” said Médicom Chief Operating Officer Guillaume Laverdure.

World leader in the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), Medicom quickly responded to the federal government's call at the start of the pandemic. In less than three months, the company transformed an old warehouse into a factory. No less than 15 mask and respirator production lines had been put into operation in July 2020.

“The Quebec company Medicom responded to the Government of Canada's call to action by offering innovative solutions to provide the personal protective equipment needed to fight the pandemic when we need it most,” said the federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos. The latter took the opportunity to thank the employees of the company who have worked tirelessly to produce protective equipment.

Today there are 23 production lines which produce nearly 1.5 million surgical and N95 masks daily.

“By building and consolidating our factory, we have strengthened our autonomy in the production and supply of PPE equipment in Canada and increased our resilience to the unstable nature of global supply chains,” explained Mr. Laverdure.