Moselle: an inmate escapes during a transfer, and hides in the sewers

Moselle: un détenu s'évade pendant un transfert et se cache dans les égouts

Well tried. An inmate of 27 years, in prison at Sarreguemines in Moselle for drug trafficking, has tried to escape on Thursday, may 24th in the morning during his transfer from the hospital to Robert Pax (where he had been brought to a ENT consultation) and the house of stop.

In handcuffs, he took the leak current, and has managed to hide in the sewers, according to a information revealed by LCI.

The fugitive has been eluding his escort prison (composed of three agents) around 9: 30 in the morning and was eventually caught by the police shortly after 13: 30.

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“At the time of joining the vehicle to return to the prison, this inmate deemed dangerous by the judicial authority, has distorted company to its supervisors”, said commander Frank Stephan, head of the district of Sarreguemines.

He was first a refugee in a business in an industrial zone nearby and then wanted to get out of the security perimeter put into place through the sewers. But officers were stationed at every exit of the pond and as soon as the prisoner has resurfaced, he was arrested.

It should be noted that if the individual is known as dangerous, there is, however, neither stuck S nor followed by the intelligence services. This escape attempt happens, but it should be released in the month of August, and could thus fend off its output.

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