Mosquitoes from the back side of the World remembered the blank adventures – “Dripping sweat, had to hold the pants by hand”

Комаров из "Мира наизнанку" вспомнил свои холостые похождения - "Истекая потом, придерживал штаны рукой"

Mosquito, photo Іnstagram

today, 06:30

The famous traveler Dmitry Komarov, who recently presented a new Chinese season of his travel program “the World inside out”, surprised fans by memories of Brazil. About this he wrote on his page in Іnstagram

Комаров из "Мира наизнанку" вспомнил свои холостые похождения - "Истекая потом, придерживал штаны рукой"

Mosquito, photo screenshot Іnstagram

“It was a year ago. I remember first steps and moments: the sound of 80,000 spectators, in a very heavy, uncomfortable and hot costume I bleeding then, go out at the sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. Somewhere in the middle of a gig torn boots, belt on the pants, they begin to subside. Hold the pants by hand, boot try not to give off his feet and doing a happy face, try to move in unison or synchronously with the teammates, and secretly removed. It seemed like some dream, not a reality,” says the traveler.

According to Komarov, to visit the legendary Brazilian carnival dream, which is not just embodied. The plan was over-fulfilled: the carnival saw not the crowd, and the eyes of the participants.

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“We took the team Viradouro, provided costumes of vampires, trained and prepared to enter the main carnival on the planet. It was an incredible explosion of emotions, adrenalin and buzz,” said the presenter.

Mosquitoes remembered how grown men unashamedly wept with joy when the results were announced. The prize allowed the team to go to the parade of Champions and to repeat an encore performance, but also to re-shoot that part of the material that was stolen along with a backpack and cameras after the first show. And yesterday, after a year, the team Viradouro again came to the parade of Champions, but in the role of winners.

“The team for which I played last year, finally took the gold carnival 🙂 Very happy for our Brazilian friends!” summed up Mosquitoes.

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We will remind, the Mosquito from the “World inside out” has saved dozens of children in a simple way.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the wife Komarova boasted a perfect figure in a luxurious outfit.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Mosquito from the “World inside out” will meet with unearthly beings.

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