Mosquitoes rushed to the epicenter of the coronavirus, and advised Ukrainians not to catch the disease

Комаров примчался в эпицентр коронавируса и посоветовал украинцам, как не подцепить болезнь

Dmitry Komarov of the “World upside down” photo: Instagram

today, 10:10

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Dmytro Komarov told about the new season of the show “the World inside out”, on the other China, the capabilities of the human body and what you need to know about the coronavirus. Relevant publications appeared in Instagram.

“Premiere✌ Today at 22:45 on 1+1. The season starts that Sasha Dmitriev has called beloved. You will see a country which I personally love. China. From the inside out. Real. Incredible. Magnificence. Mystical. Fascinating. Ancient and ultra-modern at the same time. Striking imagination. Don’t know what words you pick up. The coolest season. I’m impressed,” he wrote.

He offered to look at the country from a new perspective and said that they visited one of the most famous monasteries in the world – Shaolin. They managed to fall into the tourist monastery, and to see that the possibilities of the human body are endless.

Комаров примчался в эпицентр коронавируса и посоветовал украинцам, как не подцепить болезнь

Dmitry Komarov of the “World upside down” photo: Instagram

“If you train hard, you can learn how to do push-UPS, leaning on one finger and standing on two. And this is not the limit. The legendary Shaolin monks with superhuman abilities are not only in feature films. This is the reality,” he says.

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The presenter offered to look at the other China and noted that specifically affect coronavirus, because it and so discussed all over the world.

“Give only the main message from my friends, the Chinese, with whom I am in touch almost every day: don’t panic. This is a type of influenza. In our country the probability of occurrence of this virus is negligible. And symptoms similar to regular flu (which we also every year many people die, if you run the disease). Therefore, if you are unwell, and in the winter we have this common thing – do not panic, do not the disease “on their feet”.

Stay home and drink plenty of fluids and tea. Call a physician. And do not believe, if we have someone already offers you medication or vaccination coronarius. Even while the diagnosis can only be done in China, we have it yet. Again, don’t panic. Most importantly – a strong immune system. Breathe the fresh air. Exercise. Eat natural products. Wash your hands. And all will be well. And in China offer to see a completely different perspective as we took it off last year. You will like it. Promise)” – summed up the Mosquitoes.

Recall, Mosquitoes and Dorofeeva rushed to rescue the little Ukrainian time.

As reported Know. ua, Dmitry Komarov were brought from the infected China startling news.

Also Know As. ua wrote that beautiful wife Komarova told how went to China for the shooting.

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