Mosquitoes taken aback by the news of the death of a loved one: “I Have tears in my eyes”

Комаров огорошил новостью о гибели близкого человека: "У меня слезы на глазах"

today, 10:50

Recently died the smallest man in the world and Guinness record holder. About it on his own Instagram page posted by the presenter of the program “the World inside out”, Dmitry Komarov.

According to him, the man began abruptly with health problems, and later his heart gave out.

“Very painful and hard. Yesterday at 3 p.m. Nepal time in the hospital, Pokhara (Nepal) died our friend, the hero of the program is the World upside down, the smallest person on the planet Khagendra Thapa Magar. He was 27… the Cause was cardiac arrest. More specific cause is not known – it was “all in General”. Went rapid deterioration: pneumonia, problems with the liver, then the heart. The body gave a comprehensive failure and began to rapidly weaken”, – wrote the Mosquitoes.

Комаров огорошил новостью о гибели близкого человека: "У меня слезы на глазах"

A screenshot of the message

In addition, he added that he now really misses it, because it was his good friend.

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“I am a strong person, but I have now tears in her eyes. Going through the photo archives. Think. Remember… Despite the difficult fate, the guy is not desperate, he lived completely as possible, was a very wise and most importantly – very well and very human. We loved it, as tens of millions of viewers. Man alive, still remember him…”, – wrote the leader.

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