Most importantly for a week: the journey of Tom cruise in Ukraine and the wedding of Justin Bieber

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Главное за неделю: путешествие Тома Круза по Украине и свадьба Джастина Бибера

Main news of show business in a week

The current week will be remembered for its brilliant news from the show business. So, Hollywood actor Tom cruise visited Ukraine, while the singer MARUV nominated for the Russian prize. Today.Lifestyle has compiled the main news of show business in a week.

Tom cruise visited Ukraine

Famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise, who visited the Kiev metro and met with Vladimir Zelensky, went to Odessa, where he had Breakfast in a local restaurant, and after lunch the actor was received by mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy. Note that the main purpose of his visit to our country to choose locations for shooting his new film. We already know which film will shoot Tom cruise in Ukraine.

The participation of Oleg winnik in Russian stocks

Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik commented on the appearance of the project #the VSEMMIRE and stated that he participated in the flashmob for peace Day and did not consent to the use of his video clip. He said this during the meeting with representatives of the television. Participation in the project of the Russian artists Oleg Vinnik learned on the day of the release of the video. The full list of participants of the flash mob before him were not known.

The actor apologized to the families of soldiers killed during the capture of the Crimea, explaining that he did not know about such cases, and answered the question whose Crimea. Winnick also noted that in the last three years he offer tours throughout Russia, the artist has a lot of orders, but he never agreed to any proposal.

In addition, Oleg Vinnik told who to vote for in the presidential election.

MARUV nominated for the Russian prize

Главное за неделю: путешествие Тома Круза по Украине и свадьба Джастина Бибера

MARUV nominated for MTV Russia

The controversial singer MARUV, which actively acts on the territory of the Russian Federation, nominated for the Russian prize. It became known that MARUV was nominated “Best artist” by MTV Russia. This was announced by the star herself on his page on Instagram and asked followers to support it.

In addition MARUV, for the title of “Best actor” nominated: Little, Big, FACE, Noize MC, Zivert.

The wedding of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, who has formalized relations in new York in September 2018, a year later staged a lavish celebration. The wedding of Bieber took place in South Carolina on Monday, September 30. The couple exchanged vows at the luxurious coastal resort of Palmetto Bluff Montage in the presence of 154 guests.

The celebration began with presentations by Kendall Jenner, Jayden Smith, and other celebrities. The Banquet hall was decorated with company Revelry Event Designers Los Angeles, which supplies decorations to such prestigious awards as “Oscar” and “Grammy”. Already there wedding photo of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Sex scandal Placido Domingo

Главное за неделю: путешествие Тома Круза по Украине и свадьба Джастина Бибера

Placido Domingo

The famous Spanish Opera singer Placido Domingo after mass allegations of sexual harassment left the post of General Director of the Opera of Los Angeles, who served for 16 years. 78-year-old singer has also cancelled all performances at the Opera.

The artist himself did not consider himself guilty, but after the accusations of two dozen women decided not to expose colleagues and not to expose them to reputation risk. Placido Domingo commented on his decision.

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