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Главное за неделю: помолвка Снежаны Егоровой и операция Николая Тищенко

Snezhana Egorova, Nikolay Tishchenko and Ksenia Sobchak

This week has been full of very unexpected and even shocking news from the world of show business. Thus, the Ukrainian presenter Snezhana Egorova surprised by the news of his third marriage, a restaurateur and the people’s Deputy Nikolay Tishchenko scared fans a broken hand. Today.Lifestyle has compiled the main news of show business in a week.

Snezhana Yegorova after a high-profile divorce married again:

The Engagement Of Snezhana Egorova

After a loud divorce of Snezhana Egorova and musician of Antin Muharsky, which was watched by the whole country, the Ukrainian TV presenter again announced their engagement. For an artist this will be the third marriage. However, no further details riding did not disclose, and does not intend to disclose the name of his beloved.

Главное за неделю: помолвка Снежаны Егоровой и операция Николая Тищенко

Representatives of the Ukrainian show business immediately reacted to this news. Very first the waiters congratulated the singer Mika Newton. But Irina Bilyk was extremely surprised, “And what would that be? Who is this brave man?”.

After Bilyk questions poured in from well-known producer Vladimir Bebeshko: “With who?! Why don’t I know? Why without my permission?”.

Operation on the hand of Nikolay Tishchenko

Ukrainian TV presenter and people’s Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Tishchenko this week broke his arm and underwent a difficult operation. On his page on Instagram the newly minted MP has recorded a video in which he told about his experiences trouble. The showman appeared before the subscribers with a broken and plastered hand, noting that he had undergone a serious operation. To all, Nicholas thanked all the Ukrainians, who gave him a voice in the election.

“Friends, thank you for your support! A little absent, but returned to operation”, – he wrote in the caption to the video.

Under what circumstances showman received a hand injury, is still unknown.

Lady Gaga caught kissing with new boyfriend

Hollywood singer and actress Lady Gaga at one point destroyed all the gossip about her affair with actor Bradley Cooper. The fact that a star caught in one of the restaurants of Los Angeles for kisses with new boyfriend – sound engineer Dan Horton.

Lady Gaga with Dan Hartnett: PeopleЛеди Gaga with Dan Hartnett: PeopleЛеди Gaga with Dan Hartnett: PeopleЛеди Gaga with Dan Hartnett: PeopleЛеди Gaga with Dan Hartnett: People1/5

It turned out that the relations of Lady Gaga now only in its initial stage of development and the lovers spend a lot of time together.

“Rumors about the affair with Bradley was fun, but she’s ready to dispel them once and for all. She likes to meet men on her team. She is a workaholic and it fits her lifestyle. Gaga Dan have great chemistry. They are in a relationship for a few weeks, and before that worked together. They spent a lot of time with each other and became very close. Between them ran a spark. Surrounding the pair has already seen it, and after Gaga give enough time to yourself, she’s finally ready for a new novel. They seem the perfect couple,” told the details trusted source.

Ksenia Sobchak married again

Russian TV-host Kseniya Sobchak for a long time did not comment on his novel with Director Konstantin Bogomolov. The press and rumors, but they did not confirm the information about their relationship. First about his feelings spoke Ksenia Sobchak, writing a love confession to Constantine in the day of his birth. Now he Bogomolov publicly declared his love. In the Wake of his beloved public the confession made by Bogomolov himself, writing under the posted video: “I love you”.

Moreover, the telegram channel Dark Cosmo has information from an insider about what lovers decided to get married and are preparing for the wedding in September.

“We have a very zhirnyuchy exclusive. Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak are getting married! The celebration is scheduled for September. We wonder whether this time the dress is from Ulyana Sergeenko and do not turn a wedding into an immersive show, for example?” — stated in the message.

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