“Motel Monstre”, the project “coup de coeur” from Gabrielle Fontaine

«Motel Monstre», le projet coup de coeur de Gabrielle Fontaine

Well before it became the popular-Tile, Gabrielle Fontaine followed with great pleasure the youth programs such as “Tactik”, “Fée Éric” and “Subito Texto”. But one of them will forever be marked in his heart and his memory: the fantasy series “Motel Monstre” that is played currently to the TFO.

“”Motel Monstre”, this is my draft crush of the entire list of my CV, enthuses the actress. For me, it was a project unique and special because I was going to shoot and live in Ottawa. I started at about 16-17 years old. I was going to live in Ottawa for three months of the year, and I’ve done it for six years. It was like a microbulle shooting, a microvie…”

A play school

Thanks to the main role of Magalie, the teenage girl resourceful whose efforts serve to keep open a mysterious motel and a thermal source, Gabrielle Fontaine has passed through the whole range of emotions.

“It was a big role,” she said. In youth series, there is often a lot of texts. This is not like a heavy duty series […] One speaks without stop, so it was a really good school because I was shooting five days a week and on the weekend, I learned my texts for the following week. Each year, it was a marathon of three months.”

If, at the outset, it has been known to play the girl “normal”, the actress has allowed the character to develop his sense of humor and repartee. It is as well as the fiction was able to reach the reality.

“Magalie has helped me, in life, to have even more distributed […] The humor and the timing of the “Motel Monstre” are well integrated in me.”

The “real” tele

Youth Production less noticed that several other programs to which the actress has been a part of, “Motel Monstre” is no less a “memory” incredible ” and “a jewel” for the interested main. She would like “all the world to see this series-there.”

She describes this adventure as a “beautiful madness” and she said she has been thinking as much for adults as children. “It’s humor 100 % adult in a universe, and with characters, for young people.”

Greatly challenged by the universe tv youth, Gabrielle Fontaine acknowledges having the necessary energy to projects aimed at children, tweens and teens.

She fought also tooth and nail for the projects that are intended. “I have often said, “when are you going to make the real television?”, as if the series was not the real tv. For me, it is the opposite; the youth series forge the adults of tomorrow, so this is crucial. It is the basis of the culture […] regardless of the role I’ve played, it has always brought something to the youth.”

For her, it is essential to have models here, other than all of these heroes in animated cartoons. “It is important that young people identify with characters who are like them, made by comedians in quebec.”

“Motel Monstre”, from Monday to Friday at 19 pm, on TFO. First season is also available on Tou.tv.

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