Mother Kim Kardashian injured guards: what happened

The bodyguards didn’t recognize Kris Jenner and applied it to her

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Мать Ким Кардашьян травмировали охранники: что произошло

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Kris Jenner – mother of the stars of the American reality show Kim Kardashian, who recently the doctors have found an accurate diagnosis, were traumatized from the guards daughter.

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As it became known from the new edition of the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, an unpleasant situation occurred in the backyard of the house the Kardashians where Kris Jenner came to visit without warning. The guards didn’t recognize the star’s mother and immediately pushed her to the ground. In addition, employees Kim very much hit a woman, so I had to call the ambulance.

Мать Ким Кардашьян травмировали охранники: что произошло

That happened to my mom, Kardashian found out by phone from his sister, Chloe, “Kim, your guard attacked my mom! We just dialed 911. It’s so crazy!”.

We will remind that earlier with Kim Kardashian, there was confusion with photoshop. On the published frame from American stars subscribers noticed the sixth finger.

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