Mother of Romy and Nora Carpentier: four surrogates and still no children

Mother of Romy and Nora Carpentier: four surrogates and still no children


Amélie Lemieux lost her two daughters, Nora and Romy, in 2020. Despite the mourning, despite the pain, what she wants most today is to be a mother again . Having undergone an operation on the uterus nine months before the tragedy, she must therefore call on a surrogate woman. 

The problem is that in Quebec, carrier women have no legal value, she explained at the microphone of Sophie Durocher, via QUB Radio. In other words, a woman who gives birth is considered the mother of the child, whether the child was conceived with her embryos or not. The only solution for the biological parents is the adoption of the child.

For Ms. Lemieux, this is a real problem in the province.

“I find it appalling,” she said. I believe that not all women understand, but your eggs do not belong to you.”

A situation that she strongly denounces, knowing that other provinces in Canada, such as Ontario, legally regulate the process of surrogate women. By telling her story, she hopes that things will change in Quebec.

A critical approach

Amélie Lemieux has chosen to make her approach public. His decision was strongly criticized by several people on social networks. For example, she was told to “go kill herself” or that we did not understand how she managed to “fall in love”.

She decided to ignore the judgments and explained that in no case his approach is intended to replace Romy and Nora.

“You can not replace a child, a personality is unique, she expressed. It's not a movie, I'm not doing a sequel, I have to continue and that's my quest.”

Amélie Lemieux tells her story in the series “Porteuse de vie”.< /p>