Mother of Romy and Norah: “I would like to take her in my arms, squeeze and shake”

Mère de Romy et Norah: «Je voudrais la prendre dans mes bras, la serrer»

If it is a woman who is able to understand the pain from the deep that lives Amélie Lemieux, the mother of the small Romy and Norah who have been found lifeless Saturday, this is Nadine Gloss, whose two children were murdered by their father in 2012.

Yesterday at the end of the day, the mom of the girls took the floor to deliver a heartbreaking testimony: “You are my whole life, my reason to exist”, said with sobs in the voice of Amélie Lemieux. “My babies! I love you so much”, she added, speaking of Romy and Norah.

“I don’t know where she went to seek this strength it is a mega force, maybe it’s the adrenaline,” explains Nadine Brilant who was shocked to hear the words of the mother into mourning that echoed her own pain.

Eight years ago, on July 10, 2012, Jocelyn Marcoux her ex-husband killed her two children, Lyndsey, age 13, and Kareen, 11 years. Nadine Gloss had learned of the tragedy that had just occurred at Warwick, in the Bois-Francs live on tv.

The bodies of his two children and their father had been found charred in the garage of the residence. The separation between the ex-spouses had been acrimonious.

A pink in support

Nadine Bright wore a pink button-hole this morning in interview to the Quebec Morning in support of Amélie Lemieux.

“It threw me to the ground. I would like to take her in my arms, squeeze her and tell her to leave everything she has on the heart. We could make a little picnic out with the girls. I’m 20 minutes from home”, offers Ms. Bright who knows very well all the trials that will face the mother of the girls.

Romy and Norah, who have been seen the last time on Wednesday evening, while they were with their father Martin Carpentier, who is the subject of a manhunt. Their small bodies were discovered in a wooded area of Saint-Apollinaire Saturday.

“It is an act more than a loose one. You don’t like when you do something like that. You take the mother to kill it to life”, with Nadine Gloss.

“She won’t. There will be Halloween, Christmas, … all of these moments without his girls,” breath Ms. Gloss.

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