Mother Zoe Saldana confuses his daughter with another actress

The actress did not take offense at her mother, but on the contrary, recognized the similarity with Tandy Newton

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Мать Зои Салданы путает родную дочь с другой актрисой

Zoe Saldana

In the world there are at least five people who are very similar to each of us. In Hollywood compare well-known actors is not new. Not identical appearance and similar character leads many to compare it to, and sometimes confused two similar people. So it is with the 40-year-old American actress Zoe Saldana, which is often confused with the 46-year-old actress Thandi Newton.

Everything would be fine if zoey with Tandy not to be confused with her mother! About it, by the way, announced itself Saldana in a recent interview, according to DailyMail.

Мать Зои Салданы путает родную дочь с другой актрисой

Tandy Newton (left) and Zoe Saldana (right)

Zoe admitted that one day her mother called her and said, “There’s HBO show episode with you!”. To which the actress asked what kind of show. “The World Of The Wild West!”, explained mother Saldana. “When are you gonna realize that I’m not Tandy Newton?”, answered Zoe.

Zoe also admitted that several years ago she met Tandy on the “Golden globe” and hugged her: “I’m a little frightened her, as it is not explained why invading her personal space. I just said, “Oh my God, please tell me that people also confuse you with me.” And she answered me “Who are you?”. However, as recognized Saldana, now they are with Newton often socialize and are friends.

Note that Zoe in my Instagram not long ago published a funny picture, which made fans of her photo and picture Tandy: “When one is not enough”, – reads the caption on the picture. Zoe and she signed a photo: “Twins”.

Мать Зои Салданы путает родную дочь с другой актрисой

Recall Zoe Saldana first came out on the red carpet with their three children.

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