Mother’s day: how to congratulate your closest Galkin, Queen, Lorak and Loboda

День Матери: как поздравляли своих самых близких Галкин, Королева, Лорак и Лобода

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As you know, Sunday, 24 November in Russia celebrated Mother’s Day. Most popular celebrities rushed to congratulate with Mother’s Day on social networks. Also they were joined by Ukrainian artist. It is reported by OBOZREVATEL.

The well-known Russian figure skater, wife of the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka shared on his page in social network Instagram a sweet family photo.

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“I want to say that the main thing in human life, especially women is the mother. The man due to which formed your character, personality and human qualities!!! Not for nothing is the expression “is Transferred from the mother’s milk”. An example of decency, education, hard work, family values – all this is laid in the family, and especially woman, so Thank you mommy that brought us so! We love you very much!”, – wrote Navka pictures.

Also noted, and the actress Ekaterina Guseva. She has published a photo, which together with his mom hugs grandma.

“They are relatives,” wrote the actress.

Also honoured artist of the Russian Federation, who is originally from Ukraine, Natasha Koroleva posted a picture on his page in the social network. The picture depicts she and her mother briefly and congratulated her on Mother’s Day.

“Mommy! With the holiday,” wrote Natasha.

To the congratulations joined the popular Russian rapper Timati. He has also published on the page in social network Instagram photo with mom.

“Without you, nothing would have happened, Mother,” he signed.

A comedian and husband of Alla Pugacheva Maksim Galkin has posted archival photos of his deceased mother.

“Mom, you’re in my heart. Mother’s Day, dear subscribers! Call my mom! Tell me about his love! Remember, if left! Our mothers, on Earth and in Heaven is always with us!” – he signed.

It should be noted that the congratulations with Russia’s Day, Mother picked up and Ukrainian stars, which in Ukraine is celebrated on the second Sunday of may.

Thus, their congratulations on the social network Instagram posted Ani Lorak, Regina todorenko, Alina Grosu, Svetlana Loboda and Vera Brezhnev.

Recall that in a network there was video on which Tarzan (Sergey Glushko) rolled up before the concert Natasha Queen in a dumpster.

As reported by the portal Znayu Svetlana Loboda put up a quick video of the rehearsal before the “Golden Gramophone”, which took place on 23 November in Moscow.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Ani Lorak admitted that he had been on the present occasion, however, I shot with the tigers locked in a cage.

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