Mother’s day: Lily Rebrik, Tonya and Nina Matvienko spoke about the education of daughters

Mother’s day in 2019 is celebrated on 12 may

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День матери: Лилия Ребрик, Тоня и Нина Матвиенко рассказали о воспитании дочерей

Liliya Rebrik with children

Mother’s Day which will be celebrated on 12 may, the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” has asked star moms what it’s like to be mothers of daughters, and some of the principles of education they hold.

Host of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Lilia Rebrik convinced: the main objective of mom is not to educate, but to be an example for your child.

“If the mother eats candy and cookies and fresh veggies and fruits, then the child will do the same. If mom will clean her plate from the table after dinner – the kids, too, so I repeat. So I’m convinced that mom is the best example for children. Especially for daughters who want to be like their mom. Therefore, the mother should always be well-groomed and in a good mood, and that she was in a good mood, must love her dad,” laughs Lily Rebrik.

День матери: Лилия Ребрик, Тоня и Нина Матвиенко рассказали о воспитании дочерей

Liliya Rebrik daughters

But Nina and Tonya Matvienko, it turns out, to educate each other. Once Nina Matvienko and could not think what will happen along with his star daughter to sing on the same stage. But today the legendary singer has the ability to be proud of the daughter and her talent.

“Daughter really wanted when I already had two boys. When the first boy, I thought that the second would be a girl, but again, boy. And then the doctor told me that after 7 years, definitely a girl. Well, I survived the break and after 7 years really a girl” – with a smile told Nina Mitrofanovna, the TV channel “Ukraine”.

However, both remember as the beginning of a singing career Tone had to be justified because of the similarity of the votes. Tonya admits that his mother, they are similar not only votes, but also behavior.

“I noticed it repeatedly. There were moments when I didn’t like how mom is doing something- her behavior or the sentence, and then time passed and I notice that just began to do it”, – said in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Tonya Matvienko.

День матери: Лилия Ребрик, Тоня и Нина Матвиенко рассказали о воспитании дочерей

Nina Matvienko with her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter

And, although Nina Mitrofanovna always knew everything about the personal life of her daughter, she never gave any advice regarding the conduct or Affairs of the heart. Today Tonya is already mother herself. Singer recognized that they are best friends: together before I went shopping, stayed for the women’s conversations in cafes, and now all the time consuming another woman in the family – little Nina.

The soloist of the group “NEANGELY” Victoria Smouha was the star of all family holidays, and when not enough viewers, could make the concert on public transport.

“Somehow the two of us sit, I have a window, and it suddenly begins to sing. I started to stop her: “hush, Hush” – and she instead starts to sing even louder, – says the mother of Victoria Smeyuhi in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine” and immediately said something was at a concert of a famous star, and I said, “the time will Come and you will sing on this stage.”

День матери: Лилия Ребрик, Тоня и Нина Матвиенко рассказали о воспитании дочерей

Victoria Smouha father

The singer said in his Instagram that he considers his mother his best friend. Despite the fact that mom lives in Kharkov, and Vika in Kiev – are common. The famous daughter all the time to spoil mom with gifts. And the best gift for mom is to see her happy.

Watch the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraine”.

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